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In his mid-twenties, while in his second year of medical school, Dr. Torres rushed himself to the local emergency room. He thought he was dying. A few more unexplained ER trips, and Dr. Torres was finally diagnosed with panic attacks brought on by severe anxiety. The other doctors could not do much to ease their colleague’s anxieties. Dr. Torres was forced to treat himself...

12 Practical Steps to a New You Forever: From Shame and Sadness to Sheer Bliss

Perhaps you’ve approached this book as just another one of the thousands of books that are out there covering topics of health, weight loss, and physical transformation. Perhaps you have arrived at this page still holding on to some doubt or fear, however much, suspecting somewhere deep inside that you’re on the brink of yet another let down. The power to change your life for the better is in your hands right now. Life transformation isn’t the stuff of fairy tales and misplaced hope. Instead, life...

12 Practical Steps to a New You Forever Without Arthritis: Stealing Back Your Life from Pain and Inflammation (Volume 1)

While there are many books on arthritis, you can approach this one with appreciation as it provides hope to live and, in fact, thrive despite the disease. This book is a practical set of suggestions, undergirded by a real passion to help all those who confront the effects of arthritis daily. Because seeing your doctor is not always an option, this book provides a variety of alternative and natural remedies to relieve stiffness and pain. Twelve practical steps are offered to help you manage and alleviate your arthritis symptoms. By engaging in each step, you can steal back...

Dr. T's Drop the Fat

Drop the fat! Several years ago, Dr. T decided to take his life into his own hands. Now you can too. Dr. T's Drop the Fat is a common-sense, medically-tested, clinically-proven way to jumpstart your metabolism, plan your meals, and get going toward a new you forever. This is not your average weight loss book and it's not a fad diet. Dr. T is a board-certified medical doctor with an unrivaled passion for health and fitness. He is the founder of and a fat loss expert. For years he has been helping hundreds of his own clients achieve body and wellness transformations as incredible as his own. In this book he shares the secret - a comprehensive and realistic approach to fat loss. The results are proven. The plan is simple. What are you waiting for? Dive in and drop the fat!

Dr. T's Drop the Fat Cook Book

12 Months to health, fat loss, & a newe you forever! Dr. Francisco M. Torres, M.D. 2021 top doctors featured in the tampa bay metro magazine

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