Going above and beyond to treat your pain and symptoms as well as addressing the root causes of chronic pain conditions

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The Importance of Non-Judgmental Empathy

It has always been difficult for medical professionals to balance the time needed for personal care, both physical and emotional, against the overwhelming demands of their time.

This is particularly true today, given the extraordinary pressures created by health challenges generated through external factors, such as the pandemic and those caused by genetics or lifestyle choices. However, focusing on this balance is critical for the welfare of both the doctors and the patients.

A few months ago, a woman called my office’s nursing staff to request a physician change for her upcoming appointment. The request wasn’t odd, as patients ask to be seen by a different doctor for many reasons. However, in this case, the patient was not asking for a different doctor because they wanted a different opinion, a lack of trust, or other similar reasons. In the past, patients had even requested a change for such a simple reason as not relating to my accent. This has happened more than once! However, the woman wanted a “less fit” doctor in this case.

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Dr. Torres and the Florida Spine Institute and Wellness Team

We strive to go above and beyond to treat your pain and symptoms as well as addressing the root causes of chronic pain conditions.

Our program is not only about providing pain management. It's about so much more than that. Being overweight is a significant contributor to pain-related health issues, so we incorporate health and Wellness into the pain management treatment plan by promoting...overall Wellness through targeted exercise and nutrition to help you successfully navigate your road to recovery.

Decrease pain and inflammation to improve joint function and allow your condition to heal naturally with the help of physical therapy.

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Determine the presence, location, and extent of diseases that may have damaged the nerves and muscles.

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We understand how pain and obesity interact.

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Weekly treatments that not only provide cumulative, residual relief for pain, but also anxiety, depression and insomnia.

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About Dr. Torres

Dr. Torres is a board-certified medical doctor with an unrivaled passion for health and fitness. He is the founder of Foreveryoung.md/Fitness and a fat loss expert.

For years he has been helping hundreds of his own clients achieve body and wellness transformation as incredible as his own. He is the author of many books and has been published in numerous medical journals, and he is also a frequent speaker at medical conferences.

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